We have a large and growing network of websites to display your banner ads. Currently our network gets more than 12 Million page views per month.
If you have an airsoft or military related website and you would like to get paid for showing our advertiser banners, click here.

For a complete explination of all banners and zones, and current pricing,
it is highly recommended that you spend some time on this page:


This banner is an example for a 125 x 125 Square Button Banner in zone 1
located on our home pages and free links directory. This banner is being phased out
of our system because our free links directory is going to be overhauled. The location is here


This is a 468 wide x 60 tall banner that is rotated at the top of the forums on every page. This banner is a "zone 1" banner.
It is also located on the home page, the reviews page and is a very important size banner to have in rotation. It is recommended that you have 2 of these. Jpg banners work fine, but animated gif are better.


This is a large 728 wide x 90 tall banner located at the bottom of all topics in the Airsoft Forums.
This is also a very important "zone 1" banner. It is recommended that you have 2 of these in rotation as well. jpg is fine, animated gif banners are better.


This is a large 300 wide x 250 pixel tall banner shown on the right of the home page and the top left of the forum.
This is a "zone 5" banner and HIGHLY Effective. At the time of this writing (August 11th, 2011), we have one advertiser in this zone getting about 30,000 impressions and 50 clicks per day.
Private Message Ad

....your ad will look something like this...

This is a text ad located in the PM or private message area so that when a forum member sends a message
or replies to one from the Private Message Box, they will see your ad here. This is a "zone 3" banner.


This banner size is not yet implemented on our website, it is mainly presented for publishers to use on their websites if they so choose. This will be a zone 1 banner, but as I said, not yet implimented on our network.


This is a 160 wide x 600 tall banner that is rotated on every page of our Airsoft Reviews System and Chat Room.
This is a very important zone 1 banner and it is recommended that you have 2 of these in rotation.
Our chat rooms are located on the following two websites:
http://www.AirsoftForum.NET , and
Our reviews section is located here: http://www.airsoftforum.com/reviews

The following banners are random ASF banners that you can feel free to use or place on your website.

Feel free to save the images and upload them to your web server for best performance

180x30 banners:

400x50 banner:

439x60 banner:

468x60 banner:


600x150 banner

728x230 banner: